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Sojasun's History


Sojasun, a genuine Breton brand

Sojasun was founded in Brittany in 1988 in Triballat Noyal, a family-run dairy which had been committed to environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture since the 1970’s. When they discovered soy and its remarkable nutritional and environmental benefits, the company had a revolutionary idea: to use their experience and transform the humble soy bean into what would become the famous soy dessert, Sojasun.

Today, the Sojasun brand offers around forty different products, including soy-based desserts, drinks, ready meals and culinary ingredients.

Our production facilities

Our production facilities
Sojasun desserts and drinks production site

Our products are made in Brittany, not far from Rennes. Our primary factory in Châteaubourg receives French soy beans and transforms them into soy milk, which is then used to manufacture the various Sojasun products.

Our drinks and desserts are prepared and packaged on this site.
Our soy steaks, mince and ready meals are made in a workshop in Châteaugiron, a few kilometres from the main factory.
Find out about our workshops with this video.

Our guarantees


GMO-free soy

GMO Free soy



 Since 1995, we have implemented a special supply chain for our soy beans and analyses at every stage of production to ensure that there are no GMOs in our Sojasun products.

This system has been approved by a reputed international external and independent auditing company (SGS). On Sojasun packaging, you can see the “made from GMO-free French soy” logo. This is here to reassure our customers of our promise.

French soy, for stronger guarantees and reduced pollution

Asia and South America are not the only places which grow soy. All of the soy beans used to manufacture Sojasun products are grown on French farms. They are grown in central, southwest and southeast France. By keeping our soy producers close by, we can keep a close eye on the quality of our beans and also reduce the environmental impact of transporting them.

Sojasun maintains a close relationship with our soy bean suppliers.
Our farmers are committed to growing strictly GMO-free crops, and also using environment-friendly agricultural techniques.

Our products are all made in France

The name may sound English and the raw materials may remind you more of the Far East than the French coast, but we can assure you that Sojasun is a French brand with products which are all made here in Brittany, France.

The “Spring Water” guarantee

The “Spring Water” guarantee


In order to manufacture soy-based products, we need to start by removing the beans’ hulls.  The beans are then finely ground with water to make soy milk, and this will be used to manufacture our different products.  The water we use for the grinding process is particularly pure.

Thanks to its exceptionally high quality, it can even legally be called “spring water”.

A range of fully plant-based, calcium-rich drinks and desserts

Our range of Sojasun desserts and drinks is fully plant-based, so they contain no lactose and no animal protein.  A great source of protein and calcium, Sojasun desserts and drinks are a wonderful alternative to dairy products.

A range of vegetarian, soy-based delicatessen products

Our range of Steaks, Meat-free Mince and ready-meals are completely plant-based.

And for people who really love to eat, we’ve released a range of innovative products which are enriched with a touch of milk and cheese. Come and discover our vegetarian ready meals, the Parmentier and our Lasagne. Find out more about our delicatessen products.

Sustainable Development


Sustainable development has been at the heart of our company for 25 years.  Here are a few examples of this commitment:

Choosing renewable energy

Since they were installed three years ago, the wind turbine on the Sojasun production site and our solar panels together supply more than 1 million KW per year, or the equivalent of the electricity used to power 280 households.


Environmental criteria when choosing our packaging

We have chosen to use packaging which does not contain phthalates or bisphenol A, we are constantly working to reduce the amount of packaging we use, and use plant-based inks only.

Reducing the pollution from our products’ road transport

Our road vehicles run on biodiesel and our drivers are trained in energy-efficient driving.  We’ve developed more environmentally friendly modes of transport: part of our transport takes place on the water by sea.


Find out more about what we’re doing to promote sustainable development at www.nourrirsanement.com

Sport and Sojasun


Since our company was founded 25 years ago, Sojasun has always been involved in sport.  Whether it’s cycling, sailing, handball, running, snow sports, athletics or football, sport is an integral part of Sojasun’s DNA.  Sharing, innovation, responsibility, performance, a fighting spirit and generosity are just a few of the values we share with the sportsmen, women, clubs and associations which our brand supports.

Les Athlètes du Bien-être by Sojasun


With our “Les Athlètes du Bien-être by Sojasun” sports platform, Sojasun is aiming to encourage and reward sporting activity, no matter which sport you choose.

The “Les Athlètes du Bien-être by Sojasun” is aimed at everyone, whether professional or amateur, and also at everybody who believes that “sport + nutrition = well-being”. Practice sport and eat a healthy, balanced and delicious diet; this is the way to feel good in both body and mind.

This platform will also give you the opportunity to follow the news from our favourite sports men, women and clubs!