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Mini Apricot and Mango Floating Islands

Mini Apricot and Mango Floating Islands
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For 4 people


3 Apricot and Guava Sojasun desserts
1 Petit Billy goat’s cheese
1 tablespoon of Sojasun Cuisine
80g of caster sugar
15g of caramelized popcorn (optional)

Sojasun products used:

  • Apricot and Guava dessert
  • Sojasun Soya Cuisine


Cut the goat’s cheese into quarters, put each piece in a small, dariole-style mould and tamp down well. Reserve in the fridge.
Whisk the Sojasun Apricot and Guava dessert with the Sojasun Cuisine, and spoon into the bottom of 4 small soup dishes.
Unmould the goat’s cheeses into the centre of each plate.
Make a caramel with the sugar and pour onto the mini floating islands
Decorate with caramelized popcorn

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