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Crunchy Breton Coast Burger

Crunchy Breton Coast Burger

Author of the recipe: Bretons en cuisine

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For 6 people


12 rice cakes
1 pack of Sojasun Meat-Free Mince
20g of sprouted alfalfa seeds
100g of pickled samphire
1 large black radish
200g of watermelon
3 tablespoons of tomato and coriander sauce (Le Tennier)
Olive oil, honey vinegar, pepper and Guérande salt

Sojasun products used:

  • Meat-Free Mince


1. Cut a rice cake in half across the width.
2. Make patties with the Meat-Free Mince and sear them quickly in a little oil.
3. Slice the watermelon, then cut out discs using a biscuit cutter. Peel the black radish and slice into fine discs.
4. Season the sprouts with olive oil and honey vinegar.
5. Assemble the burgers. On a rice cake round, place the radish, watermelon, Meat-Free Burger, a spoonful of tomato sauce and the sprouted seeds. Top with the other rice cake rounds.

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